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From birth control with no co-pay to being able to stay on your parents’ health insurance until the age of 26, millions of women, families, and young people—in all 50 states—are already benefiting from Obamacare. Check out some of the stories below, and click on your state to see how people in your state are benefiting.

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  • Melissa M., CA.

    Melissa M., CA.

    I can get coverage for my entire family (including myself) for about $100/month LESS than what we currently pay to cover just my husband and child...and the insurance policy will be about the same or better than the policy provided through my employer!

    Knowing I can get affordable insurance without worrying about pre-existing conditions has given me the confidence I need to consider opening a consulting business to allow me to spend more time with my young daughter and to care for my aging parents and in-laws. Quite literally having access to Obamacare is making it possible for me to even dream of the work-related flexibility I need to raise my daughter the way I've always wanted to, and to ensure my extended family has the support they need in their twilight years!
  • Robin A., Il.

    Robin A., Il.

    Before, I was unable to change insurance plans because I would be denied coverage on pre-existing ovarian cysts. I couldn't even change to a different plan with the same provider without being denied coverage. The Affordable Care Act gave me back the freedom to choose the right plan for me and my budget!
  • Adrienne M., Indianapolis, IN

    Adrienne M., Indianapolis, IN

    "I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism so I knew there were monthly visits to my endocrinologist, diagnostic testing, and procedures coming my way. As a part-time medical assistant for a small private practice with irregular income, I do not receive health benefits, so it is up to me to make sure I am covered and can afford my medications, office visits, and procedures. Luckily, the tax credit was designed, in part, to help people like me. My plan normally costs $254.35 which I could not afford if I didn't get a credit because my income is variable and irregular. I get a $175.00 tax credit because of my income, which is amazing. I wouldn't be able to afford insurance if I didn't have that credit.”
  • Sarah W., Orlando, FL

    Sarah W., Orlando, FL

    “I am a substitute teacher with a limited income. Before I signed up for a plan through the health care marketplace I did not have health insurance. I am so grateful to receive a tax subsidy to help me pay for a plan. Without it I would not be able to afford insurance. I am now paying $46 a month, which is doable. I can go to the doctor now without worrying about outrageous costs. Without insurance, my medications are painfully expensive. My insurance cuts their cost by more than half, which is a huge relief. Obamacare works for me because it makes the health care I need more accessible and one less worry on my plate!”
  • Delma L., Austin, TX

    Delma L., Austin, TX

    “For years, I felt like health insurance was a luxury. But with the Affordable Care Act, I was able to find a plan that works for me and get financial help to cover the costs. For me and the millions of other young people in my shoes, Obamacare is the reason I don’t have to choose between rent, going to school, and going to the doctor.”
  • Sara B., Hartford, CT

    Sara B., Hartford, CT

    I'll never forget the day when my mom told me that the only times she went to the doctor were when she went into labor with my older brother Sean, and then again with me. Guess why? Because she couldn't afford health insurance.

    She first told me that story years ago when the Affordable Care Act was still a pipe dream. But now, affordable health care is finally here and more women can start taking charge of their own health and that of their families.

    I'm one of the estimated 27 million women from all corners of the country who are already benefiting from the birth control coverage rules, and I'm not willing to stay silent while politicians in Washington try to take it away from me.
  • Lindsay S., Fairfax, VA

    Lindsay S., Fairfax, VA

    As a student on my parent's health insurance, the no cost birth control will enable me to finish college/grad school and pursue a career in the field that I love (political science and public policy advocacy) without the risk of becoming pregnant before I am able to provide for a child financially...
  • Kathleen F., Richmond, VA

    Kathleen F., Richmond, VA

    The longer you live the better your chance of having a 'pre-existing condition' when buying health insurance.  I LOVE Obamacare, ironically, because with it that 'condition' no longer exists.
  • Marilynne B., Norfolk, VA

    Marilynne B., Norfolk, VA

    Free preventative care = a free mammogram where I used to have to pay over $800 because of my terrible, expensive, individual medical insurance with a sky high deductible.
  • Carleen G., Bent Mountain, VA

    Carleen G., Bent Mountain, VA

    I can finally have health insurance that will cover my pre-existing conditions. I had been without health insurance for over 5 years after losing my job and I hadn't been able to afford insurance that would cover me.
  • Barbara S., McLean, VA

    Barbara S., McLean, VA

    I was able to put my daughter back on our family's insurance, which under family coverage, cost us the same with or without her. And for my 96 year-old mother, the cost of medications in the ''doughnut'' hole dropped by half.
  • Christine T., Williamsburg, VA

    Christine T., Williamsburg, VA

    When I was a college student and then a recent graduate I was uninsured. The total amount of time uninsured was 8 years. If it weren't for Planned Parenthood I would not have known I had cervical dyspepsia. I was diagnosed and subsequently treated several times.

    I have three young girls. Obamacare provides me and my friends’ children the assurance they will be able to receive care when they need it.
  • Carol N., Virginia Beach, VA

    Carol N., Virginia Beach, VA

    I am 60 years old and recently lost my individual health coverage because of a computer error. Despite applying for 4 new policies, I was rejected each time as ''uninsurable'' because of one medication that I take.

    Finally, I have applied for a high premium catastrophic policy because it's the only option left to me. I may finally be able to get real coverage again when the insurance exchanges open January 2014. It's terrifying to be without health insurance.
  • Patricia F., Richmond, VA

    Patricia F., Richmond, VA

    At our ages, because of my extensive work history, we are fairly well covered through Medicare and my state retirement. It should be noted that in the company my husband worked for, engineering and manufacturing, there has never been health care provided for employees.

    Some employees could never have obtained health insurance - until now. As for us, The Affordable Care Act helps us be assured that we are getting the best price for our needs.
  • Tammy M., La Crosse, VA

    Tammy M., La Crosse, VA

    My husband is our sole bread winner. I am not working and Obamacare helps with one less payment we are allowed to pay on other bills.

    Everything is much more costly today and it's bad when you have low income.
  • John H., Charlottesville, VA

    John H., Charlottesville, VA

    As a small business owner, I will be able to have health care.
  • Mary B., Charlottesville, VA

    Mary B., Charlottesville, VA

    My daughter was 25 years old when she was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.  She had worked as a server with no insurance through her restaurant before her illness put her in a coma in the neurology intensive care unit for a week, followed by 5 weeks in the hospital.  Her follow up treatments included ten rounds of IV infusions of healthy antibodies.  Without insurance, each of those infusions would have cost $8,000 each, and that's assuming she would have even been treated.

    The 'retail' price of her treatment over the past year, including expensive anti seizure and auto immune prescription therapies, is approaching $500,000.  Because she was able to stay on my insurance, she was covered and we were able to spend the last year focused on her recovery instead of impending financial doom.
  • Claire N., OR

    Claire N., OR

    I have a debilitating pelvic pain condition. Luckily, I was able to secure a job with great health insurance when I was 24 (I am now 27).

    However, I have multiple younger friends with the same condition whom I met through the local support community who only have access to affordable medical care because they are now able to stay on their parents' insurance.

    Furthermore, I am so thankful that I and my friends will not have to worry about being denied insurance in the future despite our pre-existing conditions.
  • Janice M., Salem, OR

    Janice M., Salem, OR

    I really like the emphasis on preventive care. Free cancer screenings and no co-pay check ups. This is the proper priority for a healthier America!
  • Jenefer A., Portland, OR

    Jenefer A., Portland, OR

    As a ''life specialist'' (read: breast cancer survivor), I still have the freedom to live anywhere and work anywhere in the US, knowing that if cancer ever returned, my insurance would still help me, rather than disqualifying my coverage as a ''preexisting condition.''

    [While I'm sharing stories, I want to add that Planned Parenthood was an essential resource to me when I was in my 20s. During those years when I was making $2.85/hour (because I was waiting tables, they paid us under the $3.35 minimum wage in 1984, assuming a certain amount of tips - which we didn't always get), THANK GOODNESS for PP helping me get access to birth control on a sliding scale. I took the help until my earnings grew to the point I didn't need it any more. Thank you so much.]
  • Abbie J., WY

    Abbie J., WY

    I am an unmarried 35 year old woman in a wonderful relationship. I do not want to have children. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I do not need to pay $98 per month for the form of birth control I choose (Nuva ring).

    Without this expenditure, I can now pay for forms of preventative health care (skin cancer screenings, blood screenings, etc) and other health care procedures (dental and vision).
  • Anna	S., Portland, OR

    Anna S., Portland, OR

    My college student and my adult son who is working minimum wage with no health benefits can both stay covered under my health insurance until age 26.

    My birth control does not cost several hundred dollars to me anymore. My children's mental issues can be covered even if they have switched insurance policies once the ban on ''existing condition'' catch 22s is implemented later this year.
  • Scott	L., Portland, OR

    Scott L., Portland, OR

    My Father's extended family lives in Canada where they enjoy excellent health care under a universal system. The Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction.

    Secondly, I do not suffer from pre-existing conditions, yet, thank God, but if I ever do under Obamacare I cannot be denied coverage. What a decent system.
  • Andrea S., Portland, OR

    Andrea S., Portland, OR

    My daughter has severe eczema and a birth defect. Without health insurance, we would not be able to get proper care for her skin and she would get secondary infections constantly.

    She has already had a few. Fortunately she has insurance and I was able to take her to her doctor. I'm not some slacker living off the government. I'm a college graduate working for minimum wage. My daughter will need surgery for her birth defect. As fabulous as Obamacare is, I don't know how much of her surgery it will cover. At least it's something. Don't take away what little support I have.
  • Beverly B., Medford, OR

    Beverly B., Medford, OR

    My boss's 4 yr old son has severe Hemophilia, and her insurance had lifetime caps meaning that when her son reached a certain limit, the insurance would NOT pay for his care any longer. For her son this could mean losing his life.

    Obamacare changed all that. By removing all caps on the amount insurance companies can pay per year, my boss's son is alive today.
  • Ed D., Forest Grove, OR

    Ed D., Forest Grove, OR

    Lessened the cost of colonoscopies. I need one almost every year.
  • Nancy W., Eugene, OR

    Nancy W., Eugene, OR

    My family pays $22,200 per year for health insurance, because I am a 20-year cancer survivor who will continue to have very expensive tests and drugs for the rest of my life.

    My son, a healthy D-1 football player, is covered at my rate. Next year we look forward to paying less for health insurance than we do for his tuition.

  • Jordan K., Eugene, OR

    Jordan K., Eugene, OR

    I'm a third year college student and Obama care can help me take care of my overall health, but most importantly my reproductive health. So I can be responsible and have the most important resources available at anytime.
  • Bonnie H., Ashland, OR

    Bonnie H., Ashland, OR

    As a senior on Medicare, I no longer have to pay for yearly checkups or for yearly mammograms. There are other preventative benefits - I don't have to wait till I get sick to get help and I am staying healthy longer. I believe Obama cares for people and I appreciate all he is doing.

    As a health care provider, my income has gone down some, but I believe insuring many more people is very worth it.

  • Kenneth W., Aloha, OR

    Kenneth W., Aloha, OR

    I have been disabled since 2006 and on Social Security disability since 2008. My drug costs are very high and the doughnut hole made things worse. Obamacare immediately helped me through the doughnut hole...
  • Cathy P., Mandan, ND

    Cathy P., Mandan, ND

    When the first part of the bill was put in place, I had a one year teacher aid position. I was allowed to continue health insurance coverage after the job ended.
  • David W., Sioux Fall, SD

    David W., Sioux Fall, SD

    At age 74, I think I'm sufficiently covered by Medicare and a supplement package. However, one never knows what life circumstances lie ahead.

    Beyond my personal situation, I believe that we as a nation should truly be ''our brothers (and sisters) keepers.'' Consequently, Obamacare gets us one step closer to becoming a moral society.
  • Dorothy D., Belle Fourche, SD

    Dorothy D., Belle Fourche, SD

    I have two adult children with pre-existing conditions.  I worry less now.
  • Bob L., Tulsa, OK

    Bob L., Tulsa, OK

    I am under-employed (less than 20 hours/week) and receiving SSDI. Because I am on SSDI I qualify for Medicare. I have a pre-existing chronic terminal illness and am taking approximately $5,000/month in medications. My out-of-pocket medical expenses (after my Medicare HMO) were approximately $800/month prior to Obamacare.

    This year, because of the changes to the donut hole brought by Obamacare, my expenses have dropped to less than $300/month. This has allowed me to become more self-sufficient and buy the gas necessary to get to and from my two jobs, and the groceries I need each month.

    Prior to this, I was relying heavily on local churches and food banks and even my state to assist with utility costs, gasoline, and food.
  • Steven M., Stillwater, OK

    Steven M., Stillwater, OK

    I can now afford health insurance. I also know that I'm getting good insurance. I had a coworker on a company sponsored plan at my former employer who ended up with $20,000 of out of pocket health care expenses after his wife had abdominal surgery. She could not work for 6 months because of the surgery. We were not making more than 20-24K/yr driving the company trucks! It would also make a difference if my state's governor would expand Medicaid eligibility, but she won't do it. As a result, I could lose my health insurance if I become unemployed.
  • Lindsey P., Seattle, WA

    Lindsey P., Seattle, WA

    I am currently unemployed due to lay-off and am struggling to pay the bills without an income. Not having to worry about paying for birth control is a welcome benefit that is helping me during this hard time.
  • Christopher D., Burlington, VT

    Christopher D., Burlington, VT

    Without this, I wouldn't have insurance. Without insthat saves my life if I eat something that sets off my food allergy. Should that be reserved for people that can afford to pay $400+ a month for health insurance?
  • Kim T., Arlington, VA

    Kim T., Arlington, VA

    I wouldn't have health insurance if not for the extension of student benefits under their parents' plan.
  • Douglas Y., Staunton, VA

    Douglas Y., Staunton, VA

    I am 81 years old and I know the Affordable Health Plan will be around for my grandchildren who are in lower middle class income families. I also believe that this unique plan will serve the nation in a time when health care costs are rising. I only hope that the President can overcome the political opposition and ignorance of those opposed to this fine plan.
  • Anna B., North Salt Lake, UT

    Anna B., North Salt Lake, UT

    My granddaughter Isabella was born in March 2012 with Down Syndrome and an AVSD heart defect, requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of open-heart surgery, feeding tube surgery, ear surgery and several hospitalizations.

    Because she could not be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition, her parents were able to purchase health insurance for Isabella, saving her family from bankruptcy and financial ruin.  We are so grateful for Obamacare!
  • Laura C., Arlington, TX

    Laura C., Arlington, TX

    After surviving two bouts of breast cancer, insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover me. In the past I have gone for years without health insurance. I was self employed and every insurance company I applied to denied me coverage. Obama care gives me hope for my future.
  • Shannon W., Austin, TX

    Shannon W., Austin, TX

    Had Obamacare been in existence when I graduated from college, I could have benefited from being able to remain on my parents' insurance plans. Instead, I was forced to live without healthcare for 4 years.

    Thankfully, I now am insured. EVERYONE has the RIGHT to affordable access to healthcare.
  • Susan D., Maryville, TN

    Susan D., Maryville, TN

    As a physician I have always taken my health insurance for granted. After an episode of early breast cancer and a sudden move into a practice of my own, I found out I am uninsurable for any amount of money because of this pre-existing condition. The new healthcare law has relieved me of the fear of bankruptcy if my breast cancer returns.
  • Jessica R., Hendersonville, TN

    Jessica R., Hendersonville, TN

    I have the ability to ensure that I can care for my current child by having access to free birth control. I also don't have to worry about my brother losing his health care because of his pre-existing condition.
  • Benay G., Charleston, SC

    Benay G., Charleston, SC

    Obamacare is working for me because it is working for so many uninsured Americans.  We are fortunate to have medical insurance but so many people do not.  Obamacare works for America!  Affordable healthcare works for America.
  • Donna M., Wakefield, RI

    Donna M., Wakefield, RI

    Obamacare works for my 2 young adult children (21 and 23) who both had ACL surgery months apart. With one still in college and the other starting his adult life, the surmountable bills of surgery and rehab would have left them destitute.
  • Kristen S., Greensburg, PA

    Kristen S., Greensburg, PA

    I am a single mom with a low income and having access to free family planning helps to control a female medical condition I have.  I don’t have to worry about paying for doctor bills or meds that I can’t afford to pay for.
  • Nancy C., State College, PA

    Nancy C., State College, PA

    Our new granddaughter will be able to continue breast milk even when her Mom returns to work, because Obamacare covers the cost of a breast pump.
  • Beth R., Lorane, OR

    Beth R., Lorane, OR

    It works... I have my sister here alive today because she could afford to see a doctor... thank you Obama!
  • Melanie G., Estacada, OR

    Melanie G., Estacada, OR

    No co-pay on birth control pills!! Love it! Accessible affordable women’s healthcare!! Love it!!
  • Roxie W., Franklin, OH

    Roxie W., Franklin, OH

    My husband is 66 years old and wants to retire. I am 61. He is working so I can have insurance. I have lupus and cannot work. I have been too ill to work long enough to get SSD.

    In January he can get Medicare and I can get Obamacare. He can retire! Also my 20 yr old granddaughter can stay on her father's insurance.
  • Kelli S., Lancaster, OH

    Kelli S., Lancaster, OH

    My 20 yr old daughter is a full time college student working a part time job.  Under Obamacare, she is able to finish college knowing she is still covered under her step-father's insurance.
  • Eliza B., Brooklyn, NY

    Eliza B., Brooklyn, NY

    I am a freelance artist who teaches privately and as adjunct faculty at two different colleges. I am proud to say that I've made my living as an artist, but acquiring health insurance as a freelancer has always been a challenge.

    The ACA is making it possible for me and other freelancers like me to get the coverage we need at a rate we can pay. Where I could only afford indemnity insurance before, I will soon be able to buy full coverage for about the same price, chosen by me from a wider selection of insurance companies.
  • Teresa V.,  Albany, NY

    Teresa V., Albany, NY

    Because it works for my daughter. She is 28 years old and was JUST eligible for health care via NYS.  However, she is fortunate enough to have landed a steady job making more money which will make her no longer eligible for the state insurance.

    A step forward yet a step back.  Her steady job does not offer health insurance for their associates at her level. Obamacare will be there for her and for that I am grateful.
  • Larry M., Las Vegas, NV

    Larry M., Las Vegas, NV

    It will allow me to get health insurance. Which I have not had since 2003 when I became a self employed free lance photographer.  The economy pretty well has put me out of business and right now it looks like I will b e able to take advantage of the Medicaid expansion in my state
  • Gabrielle A., NV

    Gabrielle A., NV

    Obamacare has had a huge, positive impact on my life. Instead of having to pay $900 a year in birth control to prevent pregnancy, I pay $0. That's an extra month's worth of student loan payment.
  • M.K.G., Vadito, NM

    M.K.G., Vadito, NM

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. In January I will be eligible to have insurance again because they cannot discriminate against me, based on a pre-existing condition. (NM has red flagged me for insurance, because of a cancer diagnosis even though I had a bilateral mastectomy to alleviate this condition.) I have no way to get any gyno care without the existence of Planned Parenthood …
  • Arina C., Albuquerque, NM

    Arina C., Albuquerque, NM

    As a young entrepreneur, insurance is not affordable to me. I am looking forward to being able to be insured AND pursue my dream to own my own business.
  • Julia C., Mt Laurel, NJ

    Julia C., Mt Laurel, NJ

    I have MS. Before, I was constantly worried that I would be dropped or refused coverage because of my pre-existing condition. Now I can take a breath and stop worrying so much.
  • April G., Somerset, NJ

    April G., Somerset, NJ

    As a new mom, I want to do everything I can to help my baby be healthy. Now that the Affordable Care Act has kicked in, I am able to afford an electric breast pump and can keep feeding my baby breast milk even after I go back to work! Obamacare is helping me keep my baby, and myself, healthy.
  • Ginny S., Henniker, NH

    Ginny S., Henniker, NH

    In September, I will be working 2-3 jobs yet I will not have access to affordable health care.  I am hoping in January, through the affordable health care act, I will have access to affordable care.
  • Ira J., Lincoln, NE

    Ira J., Lincoln, NE

    As a military veteran I am blessed to have access to the VA Health Care System and it provides me with peace of mind.  Why shouldn't every American have this same access and peace of mind of knowing that they and their families will not be forced into bankruptcy or have to choose between health care, rent, food or medicines.

    Let's also not forget this fact:  The elected officials who have voted 40 times to repeal Obamacare have tax payer subsidized health care for themselves and their families….
  • Debbie H., Omaha, NE

    Debbie H., Omaha, NE

    I'm very much in favor of the Affordable Care Act - this is such a rich country, we should provide medical care for everyone who can't afford it - it says a lot that isn't pretty about us that we don't do that. But I don't have much personal experience with Obamacare because I'm a senior on Medicare and haven't had to use it yet.
  • Jackie W., Lincoln, NE

    Jackie W., Lincoln, NE

    I slipped and broke my ankle, and with Obamacare, I do not have to worry about being denied coverage if I should switch jobs, etc.
  • Debbie H., Omaha, NE

    Debbie H., Omaha, NE

    I'm very much in favor of the Affordable Care Act - this is such a rich country, we should provide medical care for everyone who can't afford it - it says a lot that isn't pretty about us that we don't do that. But I don't have much personal experience with Obamacare because I'm a senior on Medicare and haven't had to use it yet.
  • Jessica Z., Wilmington, NC

    Jessica Z., Wilmington, NC

    I just had a baby 4 weeks ago.  I was able to get a breast pump at no cost through my health insurance thanks to the ACA.  Breast pumps are very expensive and I probably wouldn't have been able to afford a double electric pump on my own.  Because I have one, I am able to pump and freeze breast milk so I can better feed my daughter in the future (when I return to work).

    I am so thankful for this!
  • Jeanette N., Jacksonville, NC

    Jeanette N., Jacksonville, NC

    I can now get my OB/GYN exams with no co-pay. I also need birth control pills for medical reasons and now they are available with no co-pay. This helps because I am on a fixed income and cannot easily afford those extra charges.
  • Bettina K., Durham, NC

    Bettina K., Durham, NC

    I was able to keep my 24 year old son, who is working full time but has no benefits, on my health insurance.
  • Lisa R., Gladstone, MO

    Lisa R., Gladstone, MO

    I have many injuries from a near fatal car accident in '08 - moderate brain injury, fractures on both sides of my neck, pelvis fractured so badly it was almost broken in two and a severely twisted sciatic nerve.

    As you can see, I have a pre-existing condition.  I did have insurance at the time (after insurance ran out in December, I had COBRA to help cover my rehab expenses.  However, because of all of the damage done to my body, I have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis - and I welcome the fact that things are 'achangin' FOR THE BETTER OF EVERYONE!!  I am so happy for that!!
  • Shelley S., Clayton, MO

    Shelley S., Clayton, MO

    Obamacare has saved me hundreds of dollars through free birth control. That extra spending money helps bolster our economy.
  • Lynn O., Walnut Grove, MO

    Lynn O., Walnut Grove, MO

    I have a pre-existing medical condition. Obamacare is a safety net.
  • Charlotte H., MN

    Charlotte H., MN

    Obamacare works for me because I'm a female, underpaid student that is working tirelessly while in graduate school, but still cannot afford health insurance on my own. I'm still on my dad's health insurance at 26, and I'm thankful for that coverage, which includes preventive health care.
  • Janet S., Milford, MI

    Janet S., Milford, MI

    For the first time in years, my mammogram was covered. Now I will not have to put off my annual test.  I am also able to keep my adult college student on my insurance plan. Thank You Obamacare!
  • Autumn B., Muskegon, MI

    Autumn B., Muskegon, MI

    I have had health insurance for the last 19 years, but until last year, it had been at least 7 years since I had had a wellness checkup or mammogram because I couldn't afford it.

    Since it is now mandatory for the insurance to cover these costs I have been able to have those tests without additional cost to me.  Thank you President Obama.  Also the fact that the insurance companies now have a cap on their profits is a bonus.
  • William S., Arrowsic, ME

    William S., Arrowsic, ME

    My wife and I are self-employed and in our early 50s. Over the last five years, our health insurance premiums have risen about 10% annually.

    This year, for the first time I can ever recall, our health insurance premiums are not rising at all! As documented in other places (e.g. New York State), Obamacare is finally bringing insurance industry premiums under control and making it affordable for people like us to remain insured.
  • Nancy G., Durham, ME

    Nancy G., Durham, ME

    As an educator in rural Maine, who works with a special education population I have seen many students over the years who, along with their families, did not have access to health care. Now they will have the opportunity to receive the care they all so desperately need.
  • Martha H., Takoma Park, MD

    Martha H., Takoma Park, MD

    We were able to keep our 25 year old son on our insurance while he completed an internship and worked in other low-paying jobs that gave him the experience he needed to land a good job with benefits in his chosen field.

    Also, I am retired now because of health reasons but not yet old enough for Medicare.  The ACA will allow me to buy insurance to bridge the gap between my COBRA coverage and Medicare, despite my pre-existing conditions.
  • Nicole P., Takoma Park, MD

    Nicole P., Takoma Park, MD

    I'm lucky enough to have excellent insurance coverage that is well-subsidized by my employer, as well as access to a Healthcare Savings Account. However, I no longer have out-of-pocket expenses related to birth control since my generic brand is covered under my insurance by Obamacare's no co-pay on birth control provision.
  • Judith L., Owings Mills, MD

    Judith L., Owings Mills, MD

    My son was in transition this year due to changes in his employment. As of October 1, 2013, he is eligible for Obama Care. Thanks Mr. President.
  • Diane G., Baltimore, MD

    Diane G., Baltimore, MD

    As a doctor I believe that medical care needs to be available for everyone who needs it; the current law is one way to accomplish that goal.
  • Kathy M., Chicopee, MA

    Kathy M., Chicopee, MA

    I am able to get blood tests without copayments.  I have hypothyroidism and need to take blood tests periodically in order to keep my thyroid level at the right place.  I am also able to take mammograms, well women's care checkups and an annual physical without a copayment.  My birth control medicine that allows me to regulate my menstrual cycle also has no copayments.

    I did the math not long ago and I save well over $200 a year thanks to Obamacare.  When I recently saw my pharmacist for a refill and we noticed the lack of a copayment, I commented to the pharmacist, ''Thank you, Mr. President!'' and she agreed wholeheartedly.  To sum it all up I am grateful to you, Mr. President, for working hard to create a health care law that benefits everyone!
  • Glenice K., Middleton, MA

    Glenice K., Middleton, MA

    We are grandparents of two recent college graduates who are diligently trying to find work in their areas of interest and have part-time jobs.  Fortunately, they are able to get health insurance through their parents' plans because of Obamacare.
  • Harold F., West Roxbury, MA

    Harold F., West Roxbury, MA

    My annual physical is now free!
  • Jane W., Kenner, LA

    Jane W., Kenner, LA

    My son will turn 25 in a couple of days. He works outside and has gotten poison ivy/oak/sumac with a vengeance several times a year.

    Without the ACA he would be paying for all those ER visits himself.

    The ACA let him stay on my medical insurance, so he could go to the ER and get treatment for those incredibly awful bouts of poison ivy.

    When he turns 26 he'll be able to join the insurance exchanges at a rate that a young healthy adult can afford.
  • Heidi C., Baton Rouge, LA

    Heidi C., Baton Rouge, LA

    As a single, divorced mother, not paying for birth control means I have no worries about calling in sick to work with crippling periods and lets me focus on paying off debt and caring for my child.
  • Susan S.,  Louisville, KY

    Susan S., Louisville, KY

    I work on the board of The Family Health Centers in Louisville Kentucky and we have been gearing up with great excitement since the earliest notions of ''Obamacare''. It works for me because at last health care will work for everyone.

    We are family centered and our patients are quite often quite poor.  We provide care no matter what and it is a joy to watch health care givers that go about their work with real joy and commitment.  They have much to be proud of....and we are thrilled with the notion that everyone, rich or poor, will be treated with grace, competency and the understanding that all of us are entitled to a decent health care system in this great country of ours.

  • Pat D., Benton, KS

    Pat D., Benton, KS

    I was paying $86.00 a month for 2 different kinds of medicine. Now I only pay $56.00.

    It just came into Kansas. We both are retired and on a fixed income, so it helped us out a lot.
  • Ann O., Wichita, KS

    Ann O., Wichita, KS

    It is because I am a Chaplain in a large Catholic Hospital and have seen people who came in and died because they did not have any money or insurance to go to a Doctor. Also I want all of those who do not have insurance to be able to have Health Care.

    I lived in England and had three children, the health care there was so good and we need that for our country.
  • Kaye D., Vincennes, IN

    Kaye D., Vincennes, IN

    My daughter has had endometriosis since age 14. After she turned 22 it was a burden to pay her monthly prescriptions & Dr.’s appointments.

    Obamacare helped tremendously from age 24-26. Plus the pre-conditions made it impossible for her to get her own insurance. Know so many parents with similar gratitude.
  • Madeline G., Bloomington, IN

    Madeline G., Bloomington, IN

    I'm a college student working my way through school. Obamacare gets my birth control covered so I have more money to pay towards school now.
  • Amanda P., Chicago, IL

    Amanda P., Chicago, IL

    As my insurance plans have changed over the years, so has the price of my preferred birth control.

    With Obamacare, I don't have to worry about walking up to the pharmacist and having a shocking bill...I just grab it and go!
  • Patricia H., IL

    Patricia H., IL

    My son died because Obama care was not yet available.

    The insurance companies denied him because he had a pre-existing condition.  I used up all the money I had, all the value of my home, and all of my retirement pension trying to help him, but when the money ran out, he died.  He was only 49.
  • Brenda T., Boise, ID

    Brenda T., Boise, ID

    We were able to cover our daughter even though she was older and even though she had a ''pre-existing'' condition.  She had leukemia as a 7th-grader, then relapse in her junior year.

    This delayed her start in college so normally she would have had to find her own coverage at 23, but because the age changed to 26, we were able to keep her on our policy as she finished college.

    Also she would have had trouble finding a policy, as a cancer survivor, but now she cannot be discriminated against because of this.
  • Susan T., Waukee, IA

    Susan T., Waukee, IA

    I've been covered by employer insurance since birth until [recently]. So I've been without healthcare nearly ever since. I need it. And will enroll in October when the healthcare marketplace exchanges become available.
  • Patricia G., Haiku, HI

    Patricia G., Haiku, HI

    I am excited about Obamacare!!!  I have an ''Obamacare'' sticker on my car to let everyone know I support the new Medical system.  I believe it is supportive for the people rather than supporting corporate America.
  • Barbara D., Newnan, GA

    Barbara D., Newnan, GA

    Being only 63 I'm not eligible for Medicare so the ACA will help me till I can get covered with it. I haven't had health insurance for 10 yrs so I really need it!
  • Gail D., Tyrone, GA

    Gail D., Tyrone, GA

    My 3 adopted children all were born with special needs that insurance companies might discriminate against such as hearing loss and limb differences.

    But this new law protects my children.


  • Alexa N., Orlando, FL

    Alexa N., Orlando, FL

    Before Obamacare I couldn't afford the co-pay to most of my insurance costs but now I am able to get the HPV shots I need to protect myself from cervical cancer.
  • Janice B., Jacksonville FL

    Janice B., Jacksonville FL

    Because all Americans are entitled to health care.
  • David M., Boca Raton, FL

    David M., Boca Raton, FL

    I think it's silly that we are one of only a few developed nations in the world that don’t offer universal health care coverage for its citizens.

    Further, medical costs in the United States are much higher compared with other developed countries, so a universal health care system with many participants would give the government more leverage to control health care costs.
  • Janny K., Milford, DE

    Janny K., Milford, DE

    I've been disabled since 2006 with chronic low back/leg pain. My medical expenses were running almost $12,000 annually until the ACA began to close the Medicare Part D payment gap. This year I estimate expenses of about $6,500, and am encouraged that they will be less and less as the payment gap closes.

    I was close to bankruptcy before the ACA I'd downsized and cut every possible expense.  Like many, I was jeopardizing my health by skipping doses, splitting pills and my nutrition was poor.

    I'm now able to eat properly and can afford (mostly) the medication that I need to be minimally functional.  Knowing this will improve with the ACA gives me light at the end of the tunnel of despair and pain.
  • Rachel R., Washington, DC

    Rachel R., Washington, DC

    My 24 year old cousin was able to stay on his parents’ health insurance. This makes a huge difference for him, as he’s just getting started in the professional world!
  • Kathryn F., Washington, DC

    Kathryn F., Washington, DC

    I am a working mother. I nurse my baby to give him the antibodies he needs to build a good immune system. I also work to assist my husband in providing for our family.

    The Affordable Care Act obliged my health insurance company to provide me with a free breast pump, which would have cost me $250 on the free market. Now I can return to work without causing my baby's health to suffer by denying him the breast milk he needs to build his immune system.
  • Juneal B., Windsor, CT

    Juneal B., Windsor, CT

    I have Ovarian Cancer, Stage IV.  I can be relieved of a large amount of accompanying worry knowing my supplementary insurance to Medicare can't place an arbitrary cap on my benefits.

    Treatments are exorbitantly expensive…I'm so grateful!
  • Marianne B., Canton, CT

    Marianne B., Canton, CT

    Both my 20 and 24 year olds have been able to stay on my health insurance. My 24 year old could get health insurance through his job but my insurance is better and by staying on my plan he takes home more money which he then has available to put towards paying off student loans.

    I also am able to avail myself of a heath care FSA through my job and Obamacare which helps me save money on taxes and gives me more money to pay for medical necessities such as prescription eyeglasses and medicines.
  • Mollie F., Denver, CO

    Mollie F., Denver, CO

    I am a perfect example of why Obamacare is important. I am 43 years old, college educated, and uninsured.  I cannot afford to pay for health care myself (!). I am not getting any younger, and it would be nice not to go bankrupt if something should happen to me.

    That would be the real problem for the taxpaying American. Then you really would be paying for me.  Get it? I would just like to go to the doctor for preventive care before anything should happen anyway.  Am I not worth it to these right-wing politicians?
  • Daniel S., Greeley, CO

    Daniel S., Greeley, CO

    Cause it just works.
  • Teresa M., Arvada, CO

    Teresa M., Arvada, CO

    I received money back from the insurance company because the amount collected versus the amount paid out was less than 85%. Why should insurance companies continue to profit off of people, especially since they arbitrarily deny people medications and services for no reason other than increasing their bottom line?

    Why is being a woman considered a pre-existing condition? Why should we pay more for basic preventative care?  We shouldn't and we don't under Obamacare.
  • William S., Palm Desert, CA

    William S., Palm Desert, CA

    My routine colorectal cancer screen this year was paid for, saving me around $2,000.

    I also anxiously await having more health insurance choices when our exchange in California opens in October.
  • Gail R., Sacramento, CA

    Gail R., Sacramento, CA

    My healthcare is pretty good and partly paid for by my ex-employer (I am retired) but now I don't have to pay co-pays for blood tests, blood pressure tests and vaccinations.  At my age, that's important to my health!
  • Amanda M., Vancouver, WA

    Amanda M., Vancouver, WA

    As a woman I cannot be denied care because of pre-existing conditions like endometriosis, or domestic abuse.

    The really BIG thing for me at this point though is my 9 year old niece who was diagnosed 3 years ago with leukemia- she also cannot be denied coverage due to her pre-existing condition. Can you imagine being all of 9 years old and NEVER being able to get affordable health care due to an illness that you got through no fault of your own?

    Thank God for Obamacare.
  • Ann H., Mequon, WI

    Ann H., Mequon, WI

    My pulmonary embolism made me high risk after the birth of my daughter…. Now, I can get insurance and cannot be turned down.
  • Karol W., Green Dale, WI

    Karol W., Green Dale, WI

    I am a 60 year old small business owner. Unable to get health insurance for my business due to small size and health issues to employees.

    Spouse lost job and COBRA would cost $2,000 a month. Rejected by any insurances due to past health issues. Now on state high risk insurance which costs $900 a month for us both with a $5,000 deductible per person. Desperately awaiting health care exchanges in hopes of more affordable and better coverage.

    Thank you for trying to bring affordable health care to all citizens.
  • Gessika R., Berkeley Springs, WV

    Gessika R., Berkeley Springs, WV

    My child has a pre-existing condition.

    Our insurance carrier changes at least once a year and I haven't had to worry that they wouldn't offer her insurance since Obamacare was signed into law.
  • Dorian A., Los Angeles, CA

    Dorian A., Los Angeles, CA

    I am 28 years old. I have been uninsured for the past 5 years. I am a melanoma cancer survivor and I need to have a cancer screening every 6 months.

    Obamacare has allowed me to be part of Healthy Way LA, a free comprehensive health care program from the county of Los Angeles. I am now getting my bi-annual cancer screenings and the preventative women's health care that I need.

    Thank you Obamacare!!
  • Julie S., Sacramento, CA

    Julie S., Sacramento, CA

    I have low platelets, a clotting agent in blood. My condition could happen to anyone. 

    Insurance companies have denied me and have charged me upwards of $500 every month. Thanks to Obamacare they can no longer deny or rob me.
  • Nona S., Phoenix, AZ

    Nona S., Phoenix, AZ

    I work as a nurse practitioner with many low-income women through their pregnancies, and afterward as they try to plan their future pregnancies. The most amazing change I have seen since the ACA has begun to be implemented is the availability of contraceptive methods without copayment.

    This coverage is life-changing for so many families who couldn't begin to afford the deductible or other fees for the long-acting contraceptive methods.
  • Cynthia B., Phoenix, AZ

    Cynthia B., Phoenix, AZ

    I am in the pre-existing condition program - PCIP. I am a self-employed person with diabetes.

    I can now continue to work as a free-lance musician and music teacher because I have affordable health insurance. It has enabled me to do what I love and have the freedom to help take care of my aging parents.
  • Viktoria S., Conway, AR

    Viktoria S., Conway, AR

    I have two sons in their early 20's. They work in low-paying jobs. They cannot afford health insurance.

    If anything were to happen to them, we would be forced into bankruptcy, like so many other Americans.
  • Tavia C., Repton, AL

    Tavia C., Repton, AL

    If it were not for Obamacare I would not be able to receive my dialysis treatments and medications, I would not be able to continue to be treated for my chronic diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease.

    If it were not for Obamacare, I would have died a long time ago with trying to subsist off a meager $533 monthly SSI benefits. Obamacare has changed my life for the better, and has actually saved my life.

    Thank you so much, Mr. President!!!
  • Gary O., Cross Roads, AL

    Gary O., Cross Roads, AL

    My 24 year old son has health care because of Obamacare. He would have no healthcare under the Teapublican no plan.
  • Aileen C., Sheffield, AK

    Aileen C., Sheffield, AK

    Obama care has renewed my faith in the human race.
  • Elizabeth C., Anchorage, AK

    Elizabeth C., Anchorage, AK

    My health insurance is now required to cover all the preventive care for my daughters and me. I no longer spend $1,500-2,000 per year just to find out we are healthy. I was able to pay for much needed dental work instead.