Share Your Obamacare Story

From birth control with no co-pays to better access to lifesaving cancer screenings, the Affordable Care Act is a huge step forward for women’s health. Already millions of Americans are benefitting from the law—and it’s your stories, the real, powerful examples of Obamacare’s impact that will help counter the relentless attacks from our opponents. So, tell us…has Obamacare made a difference in your life? Take a minute now to share your story — then ask your friends and family to join you!

Here’s the truth: Obamacare is already working for millions of Americans—and with the new health insurance exchanges now open, millions more will start benefiting.

Many are signing up to get covered for the first time and others are finding big savings over what they have been paying. Read the stories below and spread the word: Obamacare Works.

I have two sons in their early 20′s. They work in low-paying jobs.

They cannot afford health insurance. If anything were to happen to them, we would be forced into bankruptcy, like so many other Americans.

After surviving two bouts of breast cancer, insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover me. In the past I have gone for years without health insurance. I was self employed and every insurance company I applied to denied me coverage.

Obama care gives me hope for my future.